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Build a

Choose which packages are
necessary for your institution.
Share with
Students & Staff

Create a library that anyone
on campus can access
with a limit of 50 simultaneous
users per package.
Access Anywhere
On Campus

Set up within your school’s intranet to access from any building on campus.

Subscribe to an
Extensive Database.

View diverse content resources
in one interconnected library.

All AWS standards and journals, as well as other sources of content, are available on our cloud-based library.

Subscribe to one or more packages of content, and search through your entire library at once.


Share Your Subscription.

A library for your entire campus.

Once your school has a subscription, anyone within your campus will be able to access the account.

Each package comes standard with 50 simultaneous users. If you subscribe to two packages, 100 users will be able to access your account at a time (50 per package), etc.

Access From Anywhere on Campus.

From the classroom, to the library to the dorm.

We use IP authentication to enable students and professors to use the AWS Digital Library anywhere on campus. Whether in the classroom, at the library, in the dorms or anywhere else on campus, students will be able to access content without having to log in with a username and password.

Advanced Search & Filter Tools.

Find information quickly and easily.


Advanced search tools allow you to search through the content in your subscription packages rapidly.


Turn filters on and off to narrow down search results by edition, content type, keyword and title.

See matches

Quickly see the number of matches in each title, sorted by relevancy, to help guide you in your search.

Navigate Content


Highlighted search results help you find what you're looking for.

Explore Using the
Discovery Engine.

A different way to search
the AWS Digital Library.

Click on a topic to instantly see all related titles. Click on subtopics to filter even deeper, or search by keyword. Click on any related title to view it directly in the Digital Library, with the topic highlighted wherever it appears.

Unique Features.

A toolset to research and share information intelligently and efficiently.

No Downloads

No PDFs. No installations.
Never download a thing.

Advanced Search

Search through all subscribed content at once.

Intelligent Filters

Use filters to quicky narrow down results within your library.

Highlighted Results

Search results are highlighted within documents.

Intranet Access

Access your library securely without having to sign in.

Automatic Updates

Stay current with automatically updated errata and supplements and new editions.

Mobile Access

Access the AWS Digital Library from any smart phone or tablet.

Flexible Subscriptions

Add more packages to your account instantly.

Campus-wide Access

Access from any building on campus.

Usage Analytics

Institution Administrators can check usage and add content packages as necessary.

Copy and Paste

Faculty are able to copy/paste content into syllabi and assignments.


Faculty are able to print short sections as needed.
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